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  • Understand concepts of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the 5 Steps of Truly Care, as well as Zone Patrol.
  • Understand the biology and behavior of pests.
  • Know how to prevent pest infestations.
  • Know how to collaborate with IPM.
  • Understand Truly Nolen protocols. 


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Q. What is Truly Nolen International?

Truly Nolen International is a pest management company based in Orlando Florida, USA providing services world-wide. We are located in 68 countries with over 250 offices and continually growing. We are a combination of franchise and company owed operations each adhering to strict standards set forth by Truly Nolen International. Regardless of if our offices are located in highly regulated industrialized nations or developing countries with less strict regulations, we require all offices to provide service based on the latest technologies and Integrated pest management strategies.

We provide pest and microbial services for a wide range of clients including commercial, industrial, institutional, medical facilities, food production, retail food, hospitality industry, private and multi-family residential, and municipalities.

We customize our services to meet the requirements of local clients or multi-national companies. With over 80 years of experience, we are proud of our contributions to the Pest Control Industry and our commitment to provide services that support public health and safety.

Q. What does T.N.I do in order to assure top standards with regards to environmental impact?

Truly Nolen International understands its responsibility of providing services that are effective and doing so in a manner that has the least negative impact on both the natural and our customer’s personal environment.

It starts with requiring our world-wide offices to use the most effective and least harmful products but it’s much more than choosing the right products. Effective and environmentally conscience pest management requires understanding each targeted pest and what that pest needs to survive. By understanding pests, their life cycles, their needs and how they interact with our environment we can better determine which available pest control methods we use.

Pest populations can be prevented or controlled by removing some of the pest’s basic needs such as food, water, and harborage or simply by blocking their access to buildings. Reducing basic needs allows for targeted applications only when needed, leading to a more judicious use of pesticides and less environmental impact.

We understand that, in order to have a positive impact on the environment, our integrated management service must be proactive in its approach by spending the majority of our resources on pest prevention rather than reacting to pest activity.

More subtle but important consideration for reducing environmental impact revolves around implementing innovated technology such as our exclusive TEPS Plus rodent monitoring program. This reduces the need for repetitive manual servicing of rodent bait stations and reduces unnecessary fuel consumption, as does our management software that allows for efficient routing of our services. In addition, our electronic data collection, reporting and filing systems are not only more efficient but also helps reduce our carbon footprint by reducing paper usage. Every little bit helps and we continue to research ways we can reduce negative environmental impact.

Q. Where does Truly Nolen International operate?

Truly Nolen International has franchises in 67 countries around the globe. For more information on the franchisee countries, click here

Q. What type of a relationship does Truly Nolen International have with its clients?

Truly Nolen International understands the importance of building a professional relationship with our clients. As a provider of service, customer interaction is a key component to retaining customers. This interaction is mainly accomplished at the local level and is one of the key components of our service. Our service promotes communication with the customer as part of the service, meeting with the customer before and after a physical service is performed. We want to understand what the customer has observed and what they would like to see addressed prior to beginning.

When we finish with our service, we want to verbally explain what we found, what we did, and what should be expected from the service that was completed that day. We want to educate the customer regarding what may be promoting a problem before it becomes a problem. We also want to acknowledge and thank the customer for steps they may have taken to support the Integrated Pest Management program at their facility.

Even before the service, we at the point of sale, consult with the client regarding their understanding of what may be causing a pest problem or what may lead to future problems. We want to provide information to the customer that will help them understand what needs to be done to meet expectations they have. We encourage the customer to ask questions, share information, and verbalize their concerns. To support communication TNI has developed reporting systems that are easy to access, and offer a comprehensive review of the pest management program at their facility. Reporting systems such as our Electronic Service Ticket, Supervision Reports and TEPS Reports are designed to be informative and easy to understand.

In addition to reporting systems, TNI also periodically sends Quality Control Surveys and encourages customer feed back regarding their service. We also offer customer training on a variety of subjects with the objective of helping them train their employees to support a quality pest free environment. Surveys regarding these trainings encourage clients to provide us with information regarding the quality of the trainings as well as suggesting subjects they would like to see covered in future training.

Our goal is to build professional and proactive relationships with our clients.

Click here for more information:

T.N.I Customers: General Information

Q. Is training provided to prospective applicants? How long is it?

Training is the foundation for Truly Nolen International’s success and growth. We understand our responsibility of providing our offices exceptional training programs in order for each location to meet the expectation of providing the quality of service Truly Nolen International is known for world wide. Before any new location begins operations, extensive training courses must be completed.

Initial training begins with franchise owners and management teams attending our training program at our International Training Center in Orlando Florida. This initial training takes several weeks to complete and includes theoretical and in field practical training regarding the latest concepts in Integrated Pest management. Upon completion of the initial courses, the management staff returns to their native country and continues with online and virtual training classes under the supervision of our training department. They are required to obtain all equipment and products needed to start operations, hire appropriate personnel, and obtain all local regulatory licenses as well as install all Truly Nolen training and management software. Virtual theoretical training is then provided to all staff members lasting a minimum of two weeks and provided by one-on-one lectures with group participation. These 8-10 hour a day classes are provided by TNI training departmental directors. All personnel have access to our online training presentation study guides and video classes to support our virtual training classes.

Upon completion, Truly Nolen International trainers then travel to the local office to continue theoretical and in field practical training. Of course, continued virtual and online training classes are provided on a regular on-going schedule to not only our newest offices but also our established operations. On going training includes training courses for both our newest employees and advanced training classes for experienced professional staff. These on-going classes are given by TNI personnel as well as approved courses provided by industry professionals from outside sources such as Pesticide and Equipment Suppliers, University Seminars, Pest Management Associations and Food Safety Professionals.

Truly Nolen International not only understands the importance of training classes for our employees but also offers assistance to our clients. We provide virtual training classes for our clients and their employees regarding Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation, Microbial Control, Pest Identification and Food Safety.

Training is an investment in our success and our customer’s satisfaction.

Q. How can I become a franchisee?

Fill in the form in the following link:

Become a Franchisee

A T.N.I Agent will contact you as soon as possible in order to discuss requirements and procedures.

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