Interesting facts about cockroaches

Cockroaches (or roaches) are insects of the Blattodea order. Amongst them are termites. Only a small percentage of all cockroaches are associated with the human habitat but, as there are over 4000 of them, this is already a considerable amount.

Cockroaches have been around for approximately 280 million years and are some of the hardiest insects alive. Some can go for more than a month without food and over a week without water. They can also survive in very extreme conditions. 

Types of cockroaches

As said before, there are thousands of different types of cockroahces. Here some of the most common types put into two sections; those that are found exclusively indoor and those that live both indoor and outdoor:

Exclusively found indoors (family Blattellidae):

Brownbanded cockroach:

Relatively small (approx 13mm) they are a yellowish-brown with brownband patches. They lay 14 – 18 eggs and. The males are able to fly. They hide near warm sites and close to the ceiling.

Life Cycle: 160 days

German cockroach:

These are relatively small (approx 13 – 16mm), have 2 black stripes, lay 30 to 50 eggs and don’t fly.  They hide primarily near water sources and cracks and crevices.

Life Cycle: 40 – 125 days

Outdoor & indoor cockroaches (family Blattidae):

American cockroach:

Relatively large (35-55mm), they have a reddish brown color. They lay 12-18 eggs and are capable of flying.When indoors, they hide primarily in drains and cabinets, or outdorrs in sewage or trash cans.

    Life Cycle: 215 days

    Oriental cockroach:

    Measuring about 25mm, the oriental cockroach has a blackish / dark brown color, it lays 12 – 16 eggs and does not fly. When indoors, they hide primarily in drains and cabinets, or outdoors in sewage, damp areas and wood piles.

      Life Cycle: 300 days

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